• 2023.06.05

    Completion of the Engineering Model for the Human-made Shooting Star Satellite 3 -Planned for Launch in 2024 and Service Commencement in 2025-

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  • 2022.09.29

    First man-made shooting star satellite successfully lowers its altitude

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  • 2022.03.11

    ALE and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance begin cooperation on a debris mitigation device utilizing EDT ~Contributing to solving the space debris problem to create a sustainable space environment~

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  • 2020.03.25

    Joint demonstration of J-SPARC initiated by ALE and JAXA, aimed at the commercialization of space debris prevention device

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  • 2020.02.18

    First man-made shooting star satellite begins mission to lower its altitude

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  • 2019.06.28

    ALE Co., Ltd at G20 Osaka Summit Released Space Debris Countermeasure Technology (Electrodynamic Tether) as a Space Technology representing Japan

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