ALE Co., Ltd at G20 Osaka Summit Released Space Debris Countermeasure Technology (Electrodynamic Tether) as a Space Technology representing Japan

2019.06.28 (Fri)

June 28,2019 - ALE Co., Ltd (which stands for Astro Live Experiences), the private space venture company, the mission of which is:"Make Space closer. For all of us. Together. ", exhibited at the G20 Osaka Summit, as part of “Japan Government Exhibition Space” in “Japan Innovation Lounge”from Friday June 28 until Saturday. ALE introduced its Electro-Dynamic Tether (“EDT”) technology under development.

ALE is one of the few companies that tackles the space debris issue that is considered a priority from Japan, which started enacting policies. ALE has already begun the development of the EDT through a partnership with the Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA). Given these efforts and results, the EDT developed by ALE was exhibited as one of the advanced space technologies conducive to business growth in Japan.

■About Electro-Dynamic Tether (EDT)
By mounting this EDT on the upper stage of satellites and rockets to be launched in the future, it is possible to lower the orbit after the end of the mission and make it enter the Earth's atmosphere. Post Mission Disposal (PMD) is expected to be an effective measure against space debris in the future because it can suppress the generation of new debris.

※Release about details of EDT is here

■About the exhibition
For further information, please visit:
Venue: G20 Osaka Summit, International Media Center (IMC)
Exhibition contents: Conductive tether, carbon nanotube electron source
Japanese press release is available here.

■About ALE
ALE’s mission is to “Make Space closer. For all of us. Together.”
ALE mission is to bring space closer to people. ALE wishes to stimulate many of people’ curiosity to explore the infinite possibilities that space can offer.

Business Name: ALE Co., Ltd.
HQ Address:Kawamoto Building 2nd Floor 2-21-1 Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO:Lena Okajima
Founded:Sept 1, 2011
Business Overview:Part of the “Sky Canvas” Project, a Space Entertainment Enterprise using Man-made meteors and developing satellite technologies

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