Mission ・Vision・Value


Make space closer. For all of us. Together.

Space is filled with immeasurable amounts of scientific knowledge than can help humanity maintain sustainable life on earth. With its mesmerizing beauty and infinite possibilities, space inspires human curiosity.

At ALE, we aim to create a place for people to enjoy the beauty and the possibilities of space in order to entice human curiosity and accelerate space development.

Furthermore as our first step, we aspire to use the data weʼve collected from space to tackle climate change here on Earth.
With effective use of both, we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of humankind.


Anchor space into our culture to empower humankind to new endeavors

ALE aims to contribute to the sustainable development of humankind by expanding the area of human activity outside of Earth, to discover, collect, and apply the data mined from space.


Curiosity leads us everywhere we seek.
We enjoy venturing into the unknown.
Forging a new path together, as our curiosity sparks innovation.

Through our large-scale experiments, we can set off a chain reaction that creates limitless excitement.
It is more than fun; it is pushing humanity forward.


At ALE we have five main teams, Technology, Business Development, Marketing, Corporate Planning, Corporate Management.
We have different experiences and backgrounds but we all share ALE's values.

We are looking for passionate and visionary individuals who can also share our values and pursue our mission to make space closer for all us - together.

If you are interested in a position at ALE, please email at your resume and cover letter with the role and responsibilities you are interested in.
Please note that job vacancies are subject to change due to availability.