Message from the CEO

Anchor space into our culture to empower humankind to new endeavors
ALE's mission is to "Make space closer. For all of us. Together."

ALE is a space startup company that I started in 2011 to create the world's first human-made shooting star. One of the driving forces of ALE is the passion to contribute towards the development of science. During my time at the University of Tokyo as a student majoring in astronomy, I learned scientific research in Japan was mainly funded by public funds. This made it extremely challenging for scientists and researchers to attain the budget they needed while continuing with their research. That is when it occurred to me, that if there were ways to pursue scientific research without relying on public funds, the field of science would develop more than ever. One of the solutions for doing so is what we are trying to accomplish at ALE.

In any age or time, scientific advancement has always been one of the reasons behind the significant changes that have happened in the world. Comfort and conveniences are not the only result of advancement in science and technology. Sometimes what these advancements bring into the world could be and have been harmful. However, it is also science and technology that have helped overcome those issues and problems.

With the growing awareness of the global environment and the topic of "sustainability" becoming more common in recent years, I believe the power of science is vital more than ever now for the sustainable development of humankind.

The infinite scientific knowledge, which are yet to be found in the universe, will help the development of science and humankind. Discovering, accumulating, and applying these valuable data and information from space, sharing the beauty and excitement of the universe and space, stimulating curiosity and accelerating exploration and development of science and space. Such are what I vision for us at ALE. As our first initiative towards this, we are currently working on realizing the world's first human-made shooting stars, offering it as an entertainment content available for many people and acquiring data from the atmosphere to contribute in helping understand the mechanism of global climate change, thereby sustaining humankind.

In addition, technology has been developing rapidly in recent years, and its acceleration does not seem to stop. I believe keeping up and quickly adapting to these changes and exploring the relationship between science and technology with humankind is crucial for future businesses and companies.

ALE continues to evolve on its own, taking on the challenge of creating new value and expanding its business in response to the changing times and demands.
With our open innovation business structure that has remained unchanged since our founding, we will continue to find new paths driven by curiosity to enjoy the unknown while working together and co-creating with all our partners.

Mission ・Vision・Value


Make space closer. For all of us. Together.

Space is filled with immeasurable amounts of scientific knowledge than can help humanity maintain sustainable life on earth. With its mesmerizing beauty and infinite possibilities, space inspires human curiosity.

At ALE, we aim to create a place for people to enjoy the beauty and the possibilities of space in order to entice human curiosity and accelerate space development.

Furthermore as our first step, we aspire to use the data weʼve collected from space to tackle climate change here on Earth.
With effective use of both, we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of humankind.


Anchor space into our culture to empower humankind to new endeavors

ALE aims to contribute to the sustainable development of humankind by expanding the area of human activity outside of Earth, to discover, collect, and apply the data mined from space.


Curiosity leads us everywhere we seek.
We enjoy venturing into the unknown.
Forging a new path together, as our curiosity sparks innovation.
Through our large-scale experiments, we can set off a chain reaction that creates limitless excitement.
It is more than fun; it is pushing humanity forward.

Exploring the Blue

A youthful curiosity that leads us far into the blue and beyond in bold pursuit of our passions.
A pioneering mindset that sees the deep blue ocean of outer space as part of our culture.
An unwavering vision of our earth as a pale blue dot among countless stars.
This is what "blue" means to us.

With our development of human-made shooting stars and the science behind it,
we want to inspire and share the idea that the future is ours to create.
Our adventurous spirit thrives on exploring the unknown
and pushes us to take a bold step toward that future.

By sparking the curiosity of people with our world-first space entertainment business
and gathering atmospheric data that will help shed light on climate change,
we contribute to the sustainable progress of science and humankind.

Philosophy of BLUE

Far into the BLUE

A youthful curiosity that leads us far into the blue and
beyond in bold pursuit of our passions.

Since ALEʼs establishment in 2011, this has been our driving force. We believe that curiosity fuels the progress and evolution of humankind. In all we do, we hold firmly to this unchanging belief and embrace the unknown alongside our fellow adventurers.

Space as a BLUE ocean

A pioneering mindset that sees the deep blue
ocean of outer space as part of our culture.

At ALE, this way of thinking sparks passion within us, pushing people out further into the world. We believe that individuals can change the future. We want to help people truly understand this and work with them to forge a new path for humankind.

Earth as a pale BLUE dot

An unwavering vision of our earth as a pale blue dot among countless stars.

This vision reveals two things: humility at the realization of humankind's insignificance, and a belief in its endless potential, which sparks an eagerness to tackle new challenges. By holding fast to both, ALE is contributing to the sustainable development of both science and humanity.

Company Profile

ALE Co.,Ltd.

Tel: +81-(0)3-6441-3312
Founder & CEO: Lena Okajima
Incorporated: September 1st, 2011
Business activities: Space Entertainment (SKY CANVAS), Atmospheric Data

Technology center

Sumitomo Fudosan Shiba Daimon-Nichome Bldg. 1F
2-11-8 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan

Access to Technology center

  • ■5mins walk from Daimon Station
    (Toei OedoLine/Asakusa Line)
  • ■6mins walk from Shiba Koen Station
    (Toei MitaLine)
  • ■8mins walk from Hamamatsucho Station
    (JR YamanoteLine, Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line)