• 2017.09.26

    Forbes Saadia:This Space Entrepreneur's Business Can Offer Actual Shooting Stars On Demand

  • 2016.11.26

    BBC News: Shooting stars from space for 2020 Olympics

  • 2016.10.23

    CNN: Fireworks of the future? Japan to create fake shooting stars

  • 2016.06.07

    Article on ALE's projects and activities published in Bloomberg News.

  • 2016.06.07

    Wall Street Journal: Man-Made Shooting Stars in Eyes of Japanese Startup

  • 2016.05.22

    Forbes: Japanese Startup Will Use Science And Satellites To Create Artificial Meteor Showers

  • 2016.03.05

    ALE's initiatives published in NEWSWEEK magazine (released on March 18, 2016)

  • 2015.06.16

    Wishing on a shooting star in Japan with man-made meteors