CEO Lena Okajima participated in the event "Innovation Spotlight Event" held at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Japan

2021.07.14 (Wed)

On July 14, 2021, an event " Innovation Spotlight Event " to promote mutual cooperation between Japan and the Netherlands was held as part of the "TeamNLTokyo Expo", and our CEO, Lena Okajima, from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Japan participated in the event.
At the event, Lena introduced ALE's business and the partnership between ALE and Dawn Aerospace in the Netherlands.

ALE's third man-made shooting star satellite (ALE-3) will be equipped with thrusters developed from Dawn Aerospace. Thrusters are used for orbital transfer from the initial orbit and attitude control, and are very important components of ALE’s mission.

Dawn has been providing its green in-space propulsion units to customers globally since 2019. The units utilize a green-propellant combination of common and safe nitrous oxide and propylene.

Space development is necessary to live sustainably on Earth. With the help of Dawn Aerospace's prominent equipment and technology, ALE will continue to thrive for a sustainable use and development of space.

■About TeamNLTokyo Expo
TeamNLTokyo Expo is a digital event platform created by the Netherlands Olympic Committee and Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) and the Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal, in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo. Based on the Olympic value that sport is a driving force for social development, the platform was established with four themes in mind: "Food-Water-Energy Nexus", "High-Tech Innovation", "Vitality" and “Culture”. This platform will enable further exchange of ideas and knowledge and further cooperation between Japan and the Netherlands, which reflects the historic Rangaku sentiment.

■About Dawn Aerospace
Dawn Aerospace, seated in both New Zealand and the Netherlands, is a space transportation company providing in-space satellite propulsion to its customers globally and developing a same-day reusable spaceplane. Dawn’s propulsion technology achieves similar performance to traditional hydrazine systems by using a unique, green-propellant combination; nitrous oxide and propylene. Having proven this technology on-orbit for both CubeSats and Small Satellites, Dawn propulsion systems have now flown on Vega, Falcon9(SpaceX) and Soyuz launchers.


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