Cancellation Announcement of SHOOTING STAR challenge (SSC), the world’s first man-made shooting star project in Hiroshima and Setouchi region

2020.03.31 (Tue)

Tokyo-based ALE Co., Ltd. led by CEO Lena Okajima, with the mission to make space closer for people, has decided to cancel the SHOOTING STAR challenge (SSC) project, the world’s first man-made shooting star event using a satellite in the Hiroshima and Setouchi region, Japan.

As announced on 8th August 2019, for the ALE-2 satellite, we have been reviewing our overall plans for the SSC. Considering the limited time to replan and secure venue and staff while rediscussing with companies and municipalities who have been supporting our event such as our official partners, we have judged that it will be difficult to organize the event, and have decided to cancel this project.

*Notification of review of SSC plans:

Though it may not be the world’s first event, we are considering a new and different plan in Hiroshima and Setouchi region. Details about the event and timing will be announced accordingly after they are determined.

■Realization of the man-made shooting star
The world’s first man-made shooting stars created with a satellite is anticipated to be used as an event and ceremony content in countries all over the world including Japan and we will continue to prepare so we can achieve this.

■Comment from CEO Lena Okajima
I would sincerely like to thank everyone who has been involved in the SHOOTING STAR challenge. Every time we were faced with a problem, the support and individual messages we have received have given us all a lot of courage. Thank you so much. We are considering plans to achieve the man-made shooting star in the Hiroshima and Setouchi region so that everyone who has supported us will be able to see it so we hope you will look forward to that. We really hope that you will continue to support our challenge for the ALE man-made shooting star.

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