A busy and fruitful week at the International Space University

2019.09.05 (Thu)

This summer, Our CEO Lena Okajima and Chief Scientist Adrien Lemal visited Europe and stopped by the International Space University (ISU). Every summer, ISU held a summer camp to lecture students and professionals on a comprehensive range of space-related disciplines.

They visited ISU in Strasbourg, France, which connects many talented people who are active in the space industry. This university was established for the purpose of nurturing internationally active future leaders in future space-related fields. They were invited to speak at the request of Professor Walter Peeters, head of Space Business and Management at ISU. It was great being there!

In the ISU lecture, our CEO Lena Okajima introduced ALE company, including our mission ''Make Space closer. For all of us. Together. '', and how we realize it through entertainment. It was a very meaningful, fruitful and enjoyable time. She introduced our efforts, the challenges we face, our achievements to deliver on-demand space-entertainment and advance atmosphere science.

Subsequently, our Chief Scientist Adrien briefly described our original technologies and basic science (plasma, simulations) to create bright shooting stars and elaborated on how shooting stars can provide answer to climate change and weather forecast.

ISU's WEBSITE is here.

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