Announcement for reviewing the plan for “SHOOTING STAR challenge” - the world’s first man-made meteor shower project-

2019.08.08 (Thu)

The Tokyo-based space venture company ALE Co., Ltd (henceworth referred to as ALE), led by its CEO Lena Okajima is announcing the review of the plan for the world’s first man-made meteor shower project, the SHOOTING STAR challenge (SSC), which was originally scheduled to take place in Hiroshima and Setouchi Region in Spring 2020. Due to the schedule change of the rocket launch, ALE had to review this project.

The launch of the rocket contracted to take ALE’s satellite was originally scheduled around summer to autumn of 2019. However, the launch will be significantly delayed and now it is planned to take place in spring of 2020. This delay of launch have forced ALE to review the plan for SSC originally scheduled in Spring 2020.

Once receiving the clear schedule for satellite’s launch, ALE will review and release the revised plan for the world’s first man-made meteor shower project.

■Comments from CEO Lena Okajima
“We regret to make today’s announcement after receiving many positive expectations to this project globally. We are grateful especially to the people of Hiroshima and Setouchi regions who supported us so well until today. ALE along with the support of the region, have been proceeding the project of bringing the man-made meteor shower to the skies of Hiroshima and Setouchi. The delay of the launch will affect the original schedule, but ALE maintains the focus to achieve our challenge. As our satellite’s development is on schedule waiting for the confirmation of the launch, we sincerely hope this delay will not affect the expectations toward our project.

【About ALE】
ALE’s mission is to “Make Space closer. For all of us. Together.” With our innovation and technology ALE strives to fulfill the endless curiosity of us humans, and to advance the development of science as well as grow space business that will enrich our daily lives.

Company Name: ALE Co., Ltd
Address : 2-21-1Kawamoto Building 2nd floor Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo
CEO : Lena Okajima
Established :Sept. 1, 2011
Business Overview :Space Entertainment Business ”Sky Canvas”, Data analysis of the upper atmosphere layers during reentry, development of microsatellite technologies

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