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Make Space closer. For all of us. Together.

Space is filled with immeasurable amounts of scientific knowledge than can help humanity maintain sustainable life on earth. With its mesmerizing beauty and infinite possibilities, space inspires human curiosity.

At ALE, we aim to create a place for people to enjoy the beauty and the possibilities of space in order to entice human curiosity and accelerate space development.

Furthermore as our first step, we aspire to use the data we’ve collected from space to tackle climate change here on Earth.

With effective use of both, we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of humankind.




Space Entertainment to entice space interest

Using the sky, our space entertainment business, Sky Canvas, will allow man-made shooting stars available to anyone, anywhere in the world. We aim to present the world’s first man-made shooting stars to the public in 2020.

Our man-made shooting stars can be staged anywhere in the world, both above land and sea. With a visibility range of about 200km, this new large-scale spectacle creates a shared experience amongst many people, the likes of which have never been seen.




Data Services to characterize the mechanisms behind climate change

Measuring and collecting data from the middle atmosphere has been challenging in the past. Making the middle atmosphere illuminate using our original plasma technologies ( shooting stars) will enable us to collect new data (wind speed, atmospheric composition, etc.). The analysis of these data we gain helps us characterize the mechanisms behind climate change.

about our TECHNOLOGY

Data compilation of the middle atmosphere

Data such as wind speeds and atmospheric compositions in the middle atmosphere are acquired through observations of man-made shooting stars.

Orbital observation
Ground observation
Mechanism of Meteorological phenomenon explained
Data and analysis used for various applications
  • Characterization of extreme weather events
  • Improve accuracy ofweatherforecasts




Latest news on ALE’s projects

  • 2019.12.26

    ALE accelerates data services business by making the most of Europe’s space heart

  • 2019.12.06

    ALE’s second satellite was successfully launched and will aim -for realization of the world first man-made shooting star in 2020.-

  • 2019.11.26

    Notification : change of the the 2nd satellite "ALE-2" launch window

  • 2019.11.06

    The launch window of the 2nd satellite opens on 25th November 2019 ~ A big step towards the materialization and commercialization of the man-made shooting star of 2020 ~

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